Dino Tamers-Dino Tamers v2.13 MOD APK (Free Purchase, Unlimited Eggs)

Dino Tamers-Dino Tamers v2.13 MOD APK (Free Purchase, Unlimited Eggs) title=

Dino Tamers


Dino Tamers Mod APK is a massive open world survival MMO that lets you play as dinosaurs, with weapons to capture them, base-building features, and RPG elements. It even allows you to evolve through DNA evolution. The game is free to play, and is a great way to explore and meet new people.

Game Introduction

Game Introduction for Dino Tamers – The Jurassic Age of Riding has a great space to explore and the chance to earn silver in battles is a major plus. Unfortunately, there are only three dino species and only three levels in this game. You’ll also need a buff to make DNA Cubes to craft and evolve dinos.

The game takes place during the Jurassic era, and puts players in the position of surviving alongside the dinosaurs. They’ll be able to demonstrate their superiority in both intelligence and survival instinct. However, they’ll be up against some tougher opponents. This makes the game very exciting, and the gameplay is not a casual game.

The game’s unique blending of role playing elements and MMO mechanics allows players to customize their characters. They can change the color of their skin and hair, and even change their dinosaur’s shape! And once a dinosaur has been tamed, it can be evolved into new forms.


The game’s game-play is based on the premise of dinosaur hunting. Players are transported to the Prehistoric period where they must adapt to the environment and the creatures they only see in museums. Over the course of the game, players develop superior survival instincts. Eventually, they can tame the dinosaurs and use them as mounts and hunting machines.

The game is currently available on iOS and Android devices. Users can download the game using an Android emulator like MemuPlay, which is fast and is specifically designed for gaming. After installing MemuPlay, they can install the game by simply double-tapping the Google Playstore icon.

Dino Tamers – Jurassic is an open world game with a large number of dinosaurs. The players can hunt mammoths and other prehistoric creatures, tame dinosaurs, and explore the Jurassic world. The game also has an evolution system that allows players to change their DNA by ingesting a mysterious ember. Once they have evolved, they can ride the dinosaurs and even evolve into flying Spinos.


The game Dino Tamers offers a wildly diverse collection of dinosaurs. Each of them has different physical characteristics and power levels, and you can train them to be stronger and smarter. Players can travel the continent of Arcadia in search of dinosaurs to tame. The game is divided into different stages and features boss battles.

The game’s unique evolution system lets you evolve dinosaur DNA to unlock new features. For instance, you can train your dino to evolve into a flying Spinosaurus. As your dinosaurs evolve, you’ll be able to unlock new features and even unlock the powerful Mosasaurus, a predator from the Jurassic period.

Another great feature of this game is its social features. You’ll be able to chat with other players online and make new friends. There’s also an RPG-style element, which allows you to level up your dinosaurs and take on challenging missions.